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Real Estate Investment and Development

805 Group Investment is a company, involved in real estate development, subdivision monitoring, and marketing of land. The company is an amalgamation of a group of real-estate investment companies, who deal in purchasing and selling properties that are acquired after doing extensive research, and site selection. The whole process that 805 Group Investment, LLC., follows specific guidelines that helps in optimizing the investment capital.

Completed in 4 Months

The company is noted for having the required experience to offer reliable consultation dealing with real-estate rehab projects.
At 805 Group Investment, LLC we analyze current trends, and "After Repair Values" that dictate the investment purchase price and intended repair investment. Keeping emotion out of the equation. Crating reports and schedule reports. Our UAV (drone) is used to map the construction site and give status and progress reports on projects. The technology provided by Drone Inspections AZ helps you in analyzing the plans, before investing in them.

With our drone technology, real-estate companies will be able to incorporate the data with 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM). We are associates of 805 Group Investment and we have the required experience, knowledge and data crunching techniques that can be greatly resourceful to REI's, the commercial real estate data source.

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