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Developers and Contractors

Drone Inspections AZ uses the latest Mapping and Survey drone technology. Using Real Time Kinetics (RTK)and Post Processing Analysis, (PPK) the accuracy on all 3 axis’ is less than 1 cm. The most common factor(s) in job completion on time and on or under budget are completing on or before the projected time for completion, inadequate estimation and requirements for successful conclusion of the project. Our services provide State of the Art technology to provide you the data needed to make sure the project is finished to estimated time and costs.

Even boiler plating a development has its innate problems. Public agencies from one area to the next, site differences, contractors and the management of resources.

Boiler plating a project means using the same set of plans on a parcel the same size, same floor plans and amenities, hopefully the same design groups and executive management. Mapping, survey, soil analysis, material estimates, and application are always areas of serious concern, because every site is different. This is where any project is open to errors.

Barring economic collapses, or available labor and material most all construction can be managed to minimize time:completion cost over runs. Material and labor costs are, of course driven by supply and demand and unless the group has deep enough pockets to reserve sufficient material for completion, little can be done to control material costs. Labor and application on the other hand can destroy a budget and destroy a project or development. Land development separated from housing can create the single greatest cost over run on a project.

The aerial shot of the site above era circa 2007 fell victim to labor, material and economic collapse. this was the 2nd of a 3 phase project which got caught and lost the investors millions of dollars and never recovered

Some developers were smart enough to “mothball” future Phases and in later years were able to repair and continue when conditions for conclusion and sales were projected favorable to reopen and complete those projects.

Stakeholders and Management rely on field reports for the status and condition of a job site. Field reports from the Site Superintendent only tell a small percentage of what is going on and seldom in videography. UAV or Drone technology now offers a viable opportunity for the office personnel and stakeholders to actually see what is going on with any given site or portion of a site, that has previously only been possible with costly helicopter flights, and those usually do not include the overlays needed to verify site materials, volumes of material or presentation compared to the engineering drawings. Drones do present the total analysis need by the management team and can be used as a week by week viewable resource

600 acres with 2′ contour

Weekly reporting will accurately show the conditions of the site that day, material on site, equipment on site and the area(s) of current actions for an up to date viewable progress report via Share File or Dropbox or your own cloud storage medium.

New excavation and installation of water and sewerage mains, fire hydrants and connection to existing site roadways

Drone Inspections AZ can provide aerial videos, project progress photos or specific orthomosaic photographs that can be zoomed in to view small objects, overlay contours, the project ACAD engineering drawings in multiple mediums with photograph quality images on 11″ x 17″ high res images, 24″ x 36″ color or black and white blueprints. Also with new AI features Drone Inspections AZ can provide <cm level accuracy on X<Y and Z axis, as well as volumetric calculations of bulk materials on site, and strict adherence to ACAD overlays to assure excavations are proceeding as designed