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The disruption of capital projects productivity in the construction sector has stagnated for decades, with the average capital project reaching its completion 20 months behind schedule, and 80 percent of them going over budget. This may or may not be a result of material and labor, a major cause that most overlook is the time to loan interest. A $50MM project that exceeds estimated costs and is still not completed can cost can cost interest charges of $328,000 per month at 5% Interest only. UAV will keep everyone in the chain of command up to date with a visual record, which can also be augmented with CAD overlays from the surveyor and architect/engineer. In such a situation, drones have become one of the must-have tech tools, for monitoring projects of all sizes.

For ages, builders have traditionally been at the forefront of innovation. However, over the last 20 years, the industry has fallen behind.
In fact, in the recent McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) analysis of the 22 major industries, it showed that construction industry was second to last in overall digitization rates, ranking above only hunting and agriculture. With construction clinging to manual processes as other industries advance, the sector’s productivity is now about half that of the total economy. Click here to know more.

About Drone Inspection AZ

At Drone Inspection AZ, we help construction companies move faster, work smarter, and keep clients in the loop every step of the way.

With the cost of drone hardware bottoming in the last few years and the advent of easy-to-implement software, many companies see ROI the moment Drone Inspections AZ’s digital bird completes its first flight.

Our drones come of great use to site managers, superintendents, and BIM coordinators. The drones help them improve workflows, eliminate friction, and enhance communications. The technology we provide is helping transform workforce silos by facilitating better collaboration and efficiency between contractors and their customers.

At Drone Inspection AZ, we think that drones are the most potent tool to hit the construction job site in decades.

How Important are Drones?

Over the past six years, drones have gone from experimental to essential, for tasks such as monitoring site progress, generating accurate contour maps and measuring stockpiles.

Our customers have also shared their experiences with us. According to many of them, drones have saved them thousands of dollars by unlocking significant savings on surveys, catching grading errors before machinery has left the site, and even salvaged subcontractor relations.

These unmanned aerial vehicles now give project and site managers a way to reach places that were physically inaccessible before. Our drones can be used to inspect hard-to-reach or accessible-but-dangerous locations – eliminating the need for someone to scale up scaffolding or walk a site on foot.

Drones Are Popular Now

Drone use on the job site has skyrocketed in the last one year — surging by 239%. Our flying robots help you avoid unnecessary toil – why climb a ladder or walk across a rooftop if you don’t have to? With our drones on-the-go, the workers will not have to expose themselves to danger unless it is necessary  —  to make repairs or installations, for example.

The data that you collect with the help of our drones will reduce or even eliminate the time spent by workers in dangerous areas.

How Drones Help

Grant Hagen, a VDC manager from The Beck Group, recently used drones to inspect a roof at the University of Texas , Dallas, at night, when the chances of accidents are even higher. To finish the task at hand, Grant performed a series of thermal inspections using drones for aerial mapping and analysis.

The bottom line – if you’re serious about reducing worksite hazards, you should actively be considering drone technology and aerial imagery. At Drone Inspection AZ, we believe that these flying robots should be on every contractor’s technology roadmap.

For increased safety, lower costs, and better efficiency of your projects, contact Drone Inspection AZ today!

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