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Steel Structural Insulated Panels - SIPS

The Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a high-performance building system, used for both residential as well as commercial construction.These building panels are suitable for walls, roofs and even for constructing floors. The SIP panels consist of a core of thermal insulation that is sandwiched between two structural facings of 26ga. Steel.  The only wood that is used with Steel SIP's is finished cabinetry, doors and finished textures. These homes are air tight and have a standard R-Value of generally no less than 31 dependent on wall and ceiling thicknesses.Manufactured under factory-controlled conditions, an offsite construction facility like SIP assures that these waterproof building shells can be completed just a few days after the groundwork of the construction site is done.

Steel SIP builders improve their productivity, insulation value by using the advanced technology.