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Survey and control points are singularly the most important services for any development and project. For Survey and volumetric calculations Drone Inspections AZ can provide services that will enable surveyor to complete many of their “time consuming” tasks to be done in a fraction of the time. Once established Ground Control Points (GCP’s) are established the UAV (Drone) can map and provide data in a fraction of the time it takes the field agent to walk the site, triangulate from known points, up and down hills, gutters, washes, and stockpiles. These jobs can be completed in a much safer and time efficient procedure. Let Drone Inspections AZ assist you in being more productive and profitable. After all every company wants to be profitable and keep the field technicians safe,

2 foot contour of construction site with pads already cut, awaiting trenching of utilities, drainage and landscaping

600 acre project, Flight time 5 hrs, processing time 8 hrs. Product delivered via Share File and 24″x36″ drawing. Please contact us to see how we can help you